Fundraiser Stories

Red Nose Day without fundraisers would be like putting on a party and forgetting to invite anyone. Take a look at how our fantastic fundraisers at home, work and school have helped make past Red Nose Days such a success.

Fundraising at work

Thousands of people pull out all the stops to fundraise at their workplace each year.

As well as raising a huge amount of cash, it brings some incredible benefits to their business, like team building, motivating people to support a common goal and demonstrating a company’s positive impact.

Whether you’re a multinational or a brand new start-up, Comic Relief has a dedicated Fundraising team to help your company make the most of fundraising. To find out more, contact us.

Red Nose Day partners

Thank you

Red Nose Day’s success is in no small part down to the generous support we’ve received from people in the entertainment and sport industries, and to the companies who have kindly given gifts and sponsorship.

Red Nose Day 2015 Gifts in Kind
Red Nose Day 2015 Thank Yous

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