Comic Relief understands the importance of digital technology in modern life, and its potential to address some of our biggest social challenges. We see leveraging the power of digital as a key tool to help deliver social change across our funding initiatives.

We’ve joined forces with Paul Hamlyn Foundation to support the best use of tech for good in the UK. Below are the 10 projects we are currently funding to deliver new ideas and make their services more effective using technology.

To find out more about the Tech for Good projects we are funding, and to learn more about all the applications we received go to

You can find out more about applying for our current funding initiatives here, where we welcome digital approaches. When there is a specific Tech for Good funding initiative, information and how to apply will be found here.

Tech for Good longlist

In 2016, we launched our Tech for Good 2016-17 funding initiative, in partnership with Paul Hamlyn Foundations. We invited applicants to submit a project summary, a two-minute video and infographic.

Here you can find our top 50 applications, of which ten have been chosen to receive funding.

Tech for Good longlist

We are sharing these to celebrate their ambitions, inspire others, foster collaboration and encourage more funding in this space.

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