This initiative is co-funded by Comic Relief and the Department for International Development (DFID). It is based on the belief that the African diaspora in the UK are significant contributors to social change in Africa but that their work is often overlooked by funders, non-governmental organisations, governments and the business sector. We believe that greater support would enhance social development in Africa.

There are two phases to the initiative, the first was from 2009 - 2014, and the second phase is from 2014 – 2020. This initiative will be delivered in collaboration with external partners who are experts in their relevant fields. Programme activities will commence in Summer 2016. For any enquiries, please contact

Phase I

Phase I saw £40 million invested to support small and African diaspora organisations’ work in international development. This included making grants to small and diaspora organisations to deliver Comic Relief’s international strategic goals as well as a leadership programme, organisational development support, a peer learning programme, and promotion of diaspora voices.


CGI Phase 1 Evaluation Executive Summary
CGI Phase 1 Evaluation Management Response

Phase II

Phase II sees a further £20 million committed to assisting small and diaspora organisations. This initiative continues to be co-funded with DFID and managed by Comic Relief. Phase II is in three parts:


Small and Diaspora UK NGO Fund

The grant making element, making grants to small and diaspora organisations. Small organisations are those with an annual turnover of less than £1 million. Diaspora organisations are those with a majority diaspora representation on their Board.

CGI Finance and Investment

Diaspora Finance and Investment works to increase and diversify diaspora investment into SMEs in Africa by strengthening existing models of investment and identifying and developing new models. Our partner delivering on this strand is AFFORD. Please contact them for more information on their programme.

CGI Women and Girls Rights

Women and Girls Rights aims to amplify the voice and profile of young African women, enhance women's leadership, strengthen inter-generational links, and utilise digital technology. Our partners delivering on this strand are Africa Technology Business Network, FORWARD, and iSpace. Please contact them for more information on their programmes.

Key Information

  • For more information on CGI you can read our Theory of Change here and our Phase II Strategy here
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